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10x Software Engineer Mentoring | 10x Software Engineer

10x Software Engineer Mentoring

Dear friend,

We want to thank you that you’re reading these lines. This means that you are on your success track as a software engineer. We’re happy, because we succeed in making your first step in your journey of becoming 10x software engineer.

Let us explain a little bit…

We are part of software development for decades and we have worked with a lot of software engineers from juniors to masters. You are reading these lines, because you what to grow fast, to be valued and to be paid well. All of these things are possible. We live in a world wherever you have to give value first in order to get what you want. We want to share our knowledge and experience and help you to be a high achiever in your software engineering career.

Here is how it works…

You are our main priority. Your goals are our goals!

The first step is to make a call with you and meet each other. I will discover your situation. What are your desires and goals. With your help we will find your strentghs and weaknesses. We will make a plan for you how to achieve your goals in the fastest possible way. Based on our experience you will work on the skills which will make you biggest difference.

You Apply

Click the apply button and fill the questions form. We want to work with people who are able to achieve results.

We choose who join

People who join will be choosen by us. We have resources only for limited number of people which will crush.

Weekly sessions

In weekly mentoring session you will be guided through the plan and keeped accountable for your actions. You will share what you did and ask questions in our exclusive group.

We will call you

I will call you and discuss what is your goals, mindset and motivation. The idea is to find out how I can help you.

Personal Analysis

Analize your goals, clear your motivation, find your strengths and weaknesses. Creating a strategy and working on your skills.

You Execute

The most important step is your execution. You have to execute everything, get our of your comfort zone and learn by your own experience. Also share your experience for feedback. 

What results you will achieve with this program?

  • Achieve you career dreams in less that an year
  • Get the promotion or position you want
  • Get the salary you want
  • Choose for which company to work, not opposite
  • You will be desired as a software developer

Who is this program for?

Positive thinking

We want to work only with positive people who are looking for the solution of the problems.


Mentorship is possible only when mentee is ready to absorb.


You are responsible for everything in your life. Only you can change it.

Out of the box

We will discover unconventional ideas, so we have to think creatively.

Achieve your goals

We believe in you and only you can achieve your goals.

We can show you the path. We can make you a plan with your help. We can guide you with suggestions, feedback. We can motivate you. But you are the only person who can achieve your goals.

What you get?

  • 10x Software Engineer Transformation

  • Personalized analysis

  • Goal-Oriented Strategy

  • Assignments & Accountability

  • Weekly mentoring session

  • Private community group

  • Skills matrix

  • Video content trainings (soon)

  • Webinars from top professionals (soon)

  • Exercises (soon)


You probably have unanswered questions…

Here you can find the most common question and answers for each one of them. If you have other questions contact us or directly apply and on the first call with you we can answer them.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is not a course, it is not a programming language or technology education. It is a program helping you, become valuable 10x software engineer for the whole business.

You want to be developer?

We are not software academy and this mentoring is not for people who want to become software developers. It is for software developers who want to grow faster in their career.

Can anyone join?

You have to apply, not everybody will be aproved. We can not work with everyone and we have only resource to work with people we think is suitable for this mentoring.

Is the program free?

You can apply and get a free consultation call. We will discuss your goals and how we can help you. The mentoring program after the free call is not free. Discussing price in advance is meaningless.

Ready to get started?

There is no better time than right now!